Road works​

  • Studying the design of road axes and determining their routes in accordance within the approved plans.
  • The study of the natural land in terms of topography (existing levels) and geology (soil type).
  • Determining survey network and linking points with existing roads in the region.
  • Carrying out basic works (excavation – filling) and controlling slopes and levels.
  • Executing asphalt works according to the standards approved by the owner.
  • Production of mixed asphalt according to the standards of the approved projects.
  • Pavement, curb, and median strip works.
  • Road planning and traffic signs.
  • Water and sewage network works.
  • Electricity infrastructure works (stations – lighting networks).
  • Maintenance and road rehabilitation works.
  • Maintenance of public buildings.

Levels and Survey works

Initially, the survey and level works launch through a professional team. They undertake the project from tables of quantities, processing the site, and preparing it for work.
In addition, they study the nature of the soil and the geographical location.


After studying the site, our equipment supplies soil and asphalt materials according to the required specifications.
It loads the equipment and moves it to the site according to the required work items as well. Also, in some cases we can secure, supply and install crushers and mixers on site.

The Mixer & Crushers

Crushers are the elements that form the base of asphalt production within the specifications of mixtures approved in the Kingdom.
The availability of the asphalt mixer leads to a major success by overcoming the constraints. The supply of the basic material and production of up to 240 tons per hour is a guarantee of overcoming all obstacles that may be exposed to the workflow.


Permanently, a team of engineers, workers and specialists follow up and manage the business technically and administratively. So that we ensure that the business is delivered according to the required specifications and standards with the highest quality.
The company guarantees business to our customers by submitting a statement. It includes guarantee of the executed works certified by the Chamber of Commerce according to the terms and conditions of the convention.

Asphalt Road Paving

Care of the layers under the asphalt

It is important to design and construct the asphalt layers adequately while constructing the road. Adequate usage of equipment that are used for asphalt distribution, sub base, and sub grade layers compaction leads to a satisfactory results for the clients.
There is no existence for the common defects in the roads as long as there are adequate distribution and good mixing of materials with water. In addition, the use of the latest compaction equipment ensures that there are no flaws such as settlement, surface bending and cracks.


We have a huge fleet of heavy machinery to ensure the continuity of production as required.

  • Caterpillar Dump Trucks:
    ( 769 - 773 )
  • Caterpillar Excavators:
    ( 345 - 365 )
  • Caterpillar Bulldozers:
    ( D8 - D9 - D10 )
  • Caterpillar Wheel dozers:
    ( 966 - 980 - 988 )


An integrated maintenance team is available 24-7.They maintain equipment and machinery to ensure that they work efficiently at all times. On the other hand, they sign maintenance contracts for roads throughout the year.