About us

Management Speech

For twenty-five years, the company has enjoyed a fragrant reputation stemmed from its credibility and distinctive style in implementing business and projects in various regions of the Kingdom, relying on perseverance and right planning.
The ambitious staff of the company is the main motivation to continue our tasks in the best way, in addition to overcome all the possible obstacles that may affect our progress and growth.
We always encourage further training and development of our employees wishing to increase their skills, knowledge and expertise. This allow the progression through the company. We also develop our equipment, modernize our machineries, and provide the company with a distinguished fleet of the latest tankers, which has a great impact in avoiding defects in the plans and deadline of implementing projects
The company undertakes an extensive range of important projects with high specifications and standards, so it gained satisfaction, appreciation and praise. It was approved by the cooperative authorities and major companies as well.
Najd Roads Company seeks commitment to the quality of performance and excellence in implementation, in order to keep up with the regional developments in this vital sector in various areas of economic and social life.
Relying on local expertise and resources alongside the Integration in work are of the aims of the company. This is in consistent with the Kingdom’s orientations and 2030 vision.

Certified Experience

Our experience in implementing various projects with specifications and standards approved by all authorities in the Kingdom gives us the motivation to keep on our progress and growth. The satisfaction and praise we get from clients are what we are proud of, and according to which we are accredited by major agencies and companies.
To be a pioneer in construction and infrastructure work. In addition to form the respectable position and confidence of our customers, in line with our good values and principles.
We work to establish new standards for work through a group of highly qualified experts, who bring together lofty values and ideals. Faith and challenge motivate us to provide unique results for our clients.
  • We contribute to develop road services in order to effectively achieve the ambitious vision for the Kingdom’s future (2030) which includes all aspects of economic and social life, and to strengthen the Kingdom’s position regionally and internationally.
  • We always encourage our staff to improve their skills in the administrative and executive performance domains.
  • We Submit studies and proposals related to improving the quality of asphalt mixtures.
We work with honesty and team spirit, taking into account public safety and the environment.

Company Profile

The ambition to achieve success and distinction, whether at the individual or institutional level, must have a set of foundations and essential capabilities to achieve this goal.
Najd Road Company for asphalt worked on its career for more than twenty-five years ago, keeping pace with the renaissance witnessed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and interacting with technical and administrative developments.
So it developed programs to improve its performance. Which it is related to the permanent update of work equipment. This includes technical expertise of labor workshops, work sites, or mechanics maintenance workshop.
Great attention has been paid to the administrative and engineering staff who has a valuable experience in dealing with customers.
No matter how large or small the workload is, credibility and adherence to the timelines are of great importance, and it needs to be accompanied by good performance and implementation, which contributed to its effective success and its customers confident.
The implemented projects of the company in different regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are in the accordance of the basic standards for each project, and these basic standards are transport standards, the specifications of Saudi Aramco, the Electricity Company (SCICO), the secretariat in the provinces, or the National Guard.
They all confirmed their excellence in meeting the specifications within the deadline of these projects. It is based on the practical experience of its workshops, gained from the professional commitment of the staff and their sincere affiliation to the company.
The provision of modern equipment has contributed to this success, such as the asphalt paving machines that use electronic scales to achieve the required levels, evenness of polished surfaces, and compaction equipment from Earthworks to pavement.
On top of that, there are professional engineering and surveyor staff and workforce of a high level of experience for more than 25 years within various geographical environments among the Kingdom.
In order to overcome the changing conditions of the materials transporters, it has provided a fleet of modern tankers that meet the need of work in a specific place and time.
It provided it with an integrated technical maintenance workshop equipped with all its requirements, whether in terms of number or in terms of expertise in maintenance work as well.